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Many of the most popular questions we are asked are published here. We hope that there is enough information for you to get an insight into our fabulous product and some of the ways it helps get rid of head lice. If there are questions you have that you don’t see below send us an email.

  1. Do you have facts about head lice?
    • Head lice cannot fly, hop or jump. Direct hair to hair contact is the only means of transmission.
    • Head lice only live on the human head – they do not live on other parts of the body or on animals.
    • They cling to hair close to the head, especially behind the ears and on the nape of the neck.
    • Mature lice are about 3mm long and are generally beige, brown or black.
    • Fertilised females can lay between 5 to 10 eggs a day.
    • After about seven days the egg hatches, leaving an empty egg case or “nit” stuck to the hair.
    • The oval yellowish-white eggs are glued individually to hair shafts at the scalp, as they need the heat of the scalp to incubate.
    • Eggs attached to hair further away have already hatched or (if dark in colour) contain dead embryos.
    • Young lice (nymphs) are white and smaller than adults.
    • Over the next six to ten days, nymphs moult three times and grow into mature lice.
    • Head lice feed four to five times a day, piercing the skin and sucking blood from the host’s scalp.
    • They cannot survive away from the host for more than 12 hours.
    • Change bed linen and wash and line dry, preferably in the sun.
    • All family members with head lice should be treated on the same day to avoid re-infestation.
    • To avoid spread of infestation do not share brushes, hats, towels or pillows.
    • To clean and disinfect all hair brushes, combs and hair accessories, use HYGIENE HERO after treatment.
    • Head lice do not live on pets so treatment of pets is not required.
    • Shaving the head is not an effective treatment as the lice are laid against the scalp.
  2. Does Headlice Hero eliminate the eggs?
    • Yes. It does eradicate eggs. And the treatment at DAY 7 attacks any eggs which may have hatched after the first treatment on DAY 1. Any empty egg cases attached to the hair are harmless and will easily comb out at this stage.
  3. Does Headlice Hero smell?
    • Yes, but pleasantly so! It has a very mild and agreeable fragrance.
  4. How long does the treatment need to remain on the hair?
    • Only ten minutes – easy to use
    • Day 1: Headlice Hero Treatment Spray needs to remain on the hair for ONLY 10 minutes.
    • Day 7: Another 10 minute treatment.
  5. How many applications are required to treat the patient suffering from lice?
    • Two applications – each of 10 minutes - 7 days apart.
  6. Is Headlice Hero suitable for adults and children?
    • Yes. It is suitable for children from the age of 2 and adults.
    • Do not use if pregnant.
  7. Signs and symptoms of head lice?

    The following signs and symptoms may be present:

    • Itchiness
    • Red marks
    • Broken skin
    • Rash
    • Sleeplessness
  8. What are the directions for the use of Headlice Hero?

    ** Always read the label
    ** Use only as directed
    ** If symptoms persist, see your doctor or healthcare professional

  9. What makes Headlice Hero different?
    • Headlice Hero kills lice by a physical action.
    • Headlice Hero works by dissolving the wax that covers the exoskeleton (outer shell) of head lice and kills the lice by dehydration.
  10. Why choose Headlice Hero?
    • Headlice Hero kills lice infestations in a quick and easy treatment. Two applications, 7 days apart, for 10 minutes each.
    • Headlice Hero will leave treated hair in beautiful, silky-soft condition.